Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend in Houston

Went to see Lovey's Dad for Father's Day in Houston. Grandpa found himself a nice place to take a nap and DR found half an inch where she could squeeze in too. Looks like he's okay with it. Also spent a day adventuring in the big city. Houston is a fun place. Very active inner city life, lots of restaurants and curious things to look at. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend and a few fun things to do if you ever find yourself down that way.

Java Java Cafe is the best place for breakfast. Doesn't look like much from the outside does it? Good, good food and interesting art from local artists is inside and out. They have the best croissants. We weren't there for breakfast this visit but I still stopped in to get a croissant "to go". A girl has got to think about breakfast for tomorrow.

The artwork on the outside of Java Java changes every few months due to a group of local grafitti artists. "It's all good" as Java Java appreciates the beautification and thus the artists are allowed to operate in broad daylight. No faces shown, though, in my pics. I'll have to get a pic next visit of the finished art. I love, love, love grafitti. It's so homemade and personal.

We went exploring in The Heights. They call it The Heights because it's way taller than the rest of Houston - by a foot. I did feel a little light headed there. The elevation, you know.

She's so cheezy!

Spend any time in Houston and you're sure to run across a car from Houston's Art Car Parade. And these artists have such great names. One is "Atomic Dog: One Nation Under a Groove". Don't you want a handle like that? I'm going to have to sic little sis, KT, onto that. "Pleeeez, you know you want to. And change my ringtone on your phone while you're at it. My life doesn't suck and I want your ringtone to sing out to the world that "I'm bringing sexy back."

You want to flock with birdies like these. What do you think a place like this goes for inner city?

Flowers for you!

We liked the topiaries at this garden center. There were also huge animal topiaries galloping down the median of the street. Horses, a T-Rex, giraffes and dancing bears.

Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen makes my current favorite enchi-lotties. (Because you want to eat a-lottie of them!) Notice it's not just "Sylvia's", but "Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen". That's to let you know that they are serious about their enchiladas, enough to dedicate a
whole kitchen to them. They say it's "Absolutely worth the drive!" on their menu. Lovey didn't think so but he drove me anyway. That's why I call him Lovey. We were so close and Lovey and DR were so hungry and we had to pass a lot of restaurants to get there and we couldn't exactly remember where it was and it was not pretty... I think I may have taken advantage of his goodness.

I first read about these enchiladas in Texas Highway magazine. On our next trip to Houston we drove ALL
THE WAY DOWN WESTHEIMER to get there. It's a long way people.

This is the Sarita Enchilada Dinner. It's a heavenly combination of sauteed zuchinni, corn and queso topped with a light cream sauce. Sounds strange, but it's good. Their hot sauce is also the best I've had in a Mexican restaurant. And you know, for me, that's a good sign of things to come. So that's my commercial for Sylvia's (12637 Westheimer).

After all the drama, Lovey said "It was good but I still don't think it was worth the drive." That's what lack of nutrition, mixed with elevation madness from The Heights, will do to you.

And if you ever do find yourself in Houston, you might as well skip on over to Old Town Spring. Thads is the best store. Doesn't it look like something out of a dream? He picks out the best stuff for all the holidays and all the home deco's are so wonderful.

You should plan to spend a whole afternoon at Spring. There's a shop somewhere there that sells fudge (lunch is served!) and then go see Lil' Miss Isabella at The Wild Goose Chase. Isabellas' human has a store that is so prettiful.

Isabella sits on the counter and makes sure you buy something.

So I hope you enjoyed this eye candy. I'm still gonna send out my favorite summer recipe but this will keep you occupied till then.

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