Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Field Trip

I remember one of my first fieldtrips in kindergarten.  We went to the fire station. It must have been close to the school as we walked there.  Every one had a “buddy” that we were partnered with.  We all held hands with our buddy and walked down the sidewalk two by two. 

I remember my kindergarten teacher too.  She wore frosted lipstick and had a platinum, perfectly coiffed, beehive up do.  She was so shiny.  She wore dresses and sensible heels and looked like she stepped right off the “Cakes and Pies” page of a 70’s Betty Crocker cookbook. 

It was probably a great fieldtrip.   There’s this one thing, though, which I remember more than the red fire trucks, awesome fire pole and real life firemen.  That “one thing” was the kid who was my buddy.  He was the boy in our class known for nose picking.  This boy was also my hand holding buddy.   Icky.

I still love field trips and these days, since I’m all grown up, I get to pick my buddy.  Me and my buddy’s (Lovey and the youngest and eldest Chilie) took a fieldtrip into Dallas last weekend and found ourselves at  FM 1410 B.  Tommy “Spiceman” Spicer sells an eclectic assortment of veggies and herbs to local restaurants.  He even grows some of them himself in a garden out back in the shadow of downtown Big D.   He’s a Delta swamp musician too and impromptu melodies from his custom, self-made “guitar” are an additional treat. 

He’ll sell you a bag, half a pound or so, of a beautiful  assortment of mushrooms for $10 cash.  He’ll also give you some ideas for preparing them if you ask. 


(I’m back from a brief interlude to catch and liberate the cicada that was bouncing off everything in the kitchen.  Momma Cat brought it in and you could hear it pinging off the hanging copper pots and ricocheting off the ceiling fan.  It was like magic gone mad in a scene from Nanny McPhee.  Whew!)


Here are the beautiful mushrooms, haricots verts (French green beans), fettuccine and tomatoes.

g 9 wm.jpeg

We like the mushrooms prepared simply. 

Sauté sliced garlic in olive oil just till fragrant.  Add  a couple tbsp.’s  of butter and heat till melted.  Add a glug of white wine.  Add the mushrooms and sauté momentarily.  Add the sliced tomatoes and sauté just till heated through.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Serve over prepared fettuccine.  Serve good bread to sop up the sauce.

The verts were sautéed in butter with orange slices (orange zested and pith cut off), zest and toasted pine nuts. Salt and pepper to taste.

g 10 wm.jpeg

Beautiful food - simply.

Do you want to go on a fieldtrip to see Tommy?  Look for this place, FM 1410 B, in the corner shopping center of 4901 Bryan at Fitzhugh in Dallas.

g 11 wm.jpeg

The boys will greet you at the door.

g 12 wm.jpegThat’s just the kind of place it is.

And make sure you go hungry.  I’ll tell you why later…

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, Monday on Tuesday

We’re going to skip all the chatter and go right to a few of my favorite things in the backyard…

Hummingbird at the Cypress Vine.

g 2 wm.jpeg

Red ladybug, pink rose

g 3 wm.jpeg 

g 6 wm.jpeg 




Hungry Swallowtail caterpillars filling up on parsley






Baby Anole lapping up a water droplet                               

g 7 wm.jpeg

                                * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“The fragrance, my friend, that floats to you this moment, streams from the tent of the secrets of God."      - Rumi

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wishing on a Christmas star in July

Notice the pretty Christmas button to the right?  This would be the project I mentioned last post.  I saw this opportunity and thought “Why not?”.  Can you imagine?  --a crew of Christmas elves arriving in Santa’s sleigh or Matthews van (sans red velvet and fur collars due to the Texas heat) and decking the place out?  Joy to the world!     

So I sent in my photos.  Just 5.  They wanted to see collections. We’ve got those a plenty. And a mantel.  Santa visits ours and fills the stockings every year.  Furniture pieces that can be decorated.  Do we have too much?  Windows.  Windex to the rescue.   And a clean and fresh place.  Lovey and I captured and relocated all the dust bunnies and pronounced the place pretty cheeky –or fresh.  Also wrote about some of our family Christmas traditions.  Now we wish upon a Christmas star that we will be chosen!.

We think we have good house decorating “bones”.  What do you think?

Here’s the 5 photos I submitted:

House 5




Living room




Copy of House 4.jpeg









House 6.jpeg




Break-fast area













House 2.jpeg




Dining Room





I wanted to send these photos too:

Remember (June post) the newly decorated, Holiday “altar” in the foyer?

hb 5 WM.JPEGAnd I redid all the shelves in the den. House 1wm.jpeg




Right side shelves and Momma Cat







House 3 wm.jpeg




Shelves and Mantle




Another dining room photo with Pan (in the corner on the phonograph) wearing his party hat. 

House 2 wm.jpeg

I guess that’s it. 


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things that happened in June

A couple of messages asking me where I’ve been (Thank you friends!)and why there’ve been no recent updates have prompted me to put together a random photo collage of June happenings.

In no particular order or relevance here is what June looked like:

Found some glowing mushrooms and planted them in the garden.  Love this.

June 14 wm.jpeg Watched a sunset or two.

June 5wm.jpeg

Was very successful growing Patty Pan’s that I didn’t even plant and don’t want to eat.  Hoping they’re like zucchini which you can make yummy bread out of and which I do like to eat.

June 2 wm.jpeg

Took a photo of this butterfly just for you.  I really did.

June 11 wm.jpeg

Bleached number 2 son’s hair because he let me.  It was a little orangey so we called him Dragon Ball Z, or DZ for short, till I got hold of more bleach to bleach it again.  Scary.  He didn’t mind.

June 10 wm.jpegPut these dried sunflowers outside and they looked so pretty there I decided you needed to see them too.  Pretty little dead things.

June 12 wm.jpeg Went to several outdoor concerts.  This is Sara Hickman rockin’ out with Mr. Skinny Red Pants.  Did you know that she succeeded Willie Nelson as the Official State Musician of Texas this year?  Why, yes she did and is.  She’s a neat person too that does a lot for children and women.

June 6 wm.jpeg She will make you laugh.  Especially when she takes off her hair mid concert.  She had us believing that her “I Dream of Jeannie” ponytail was real.  You’ll just have to see her for yourself.

June7 wm.jpeg She gave us hugs and told us funny stories.  We love summer concerts and Sara Hickman.

June8wm.jpeg Did lots of “picking” and “finding” of goodies.  At one garage sale I found 3 things I adore:  a pretty floral English tin to add to my collection… and inside… vintage Birthday candle picks!  Just look at them.  Why do I love them?  I don’t know (said in a high, squeaky voice)!  And look at that Anthropologie towel with little crocheted black and white chickens!  It still had it’s $18 price tag.  Fifty cents, people.


Came home one night to cupcake shaped Rice Krispie treats (with sprinkles, we luv sprinkles) made from limited edition Cupcake Rice Krispies.  Double whammy.

June 15 wm.jpeg Saw this growing and knew it had to be shared.

June 13 wm.jpeg And last, last, last, the very last thing I did in June was eat some Banana Pudding that I think has the potential to change the world or at least bring happiness to a big chunk of it.  I will have to get you the recipe.  Not now though.  This is just a back-blog.

June 1wm.jpeg

Mmmmm.   Banana Pudding.

Promise to write again this week as I have just completed an interesting project.