Friday, November 6, 2009

An artful weekend

Sweety 19 wm.jpeg

   It’s an artful weekend and you should be a part of it!  Do you live in the DFW area?  Need something to do that will definitely be out of the ordinary?  Then the Cross Timbers Artists Studio Tour is definitely for you.  You can get more info here.  I tell you what, you never know what you’ll come across.  Artists are an interesting lot! You can plan out your tour on the map and visit a few artists or go crazy and try to see them all.

   This tour allows you to go into the homes of these artists, talk with them and see how they live, work and where their inspiration comes from.  And, if the stimulus plan has worked in your favor… sigh… you can purchase yourself an original piece of art. 

   I really enjoy this tour and hope you will too.  One of the artists, Sweety Bowman, was my ceramics instructor years ago in another life.  She is too much fun.  She has led the most interesting life and the stories she tells are a hoot.  I don’t know if she finds them as amusing as I do as she had to live through them.  But you know how that goes.  Years later we can laugh at our tragedies.  Her husband, Alton Bowman, (on the tour) is also an artist.  He is a master craftsman and has restored furniture for the Dallas Museum of Art, the Texas State Capitol and many others.  The pieces he restores are incredible and rare. 

   Here are some of my favorite pic’s from last years tour at Sweety’s house:

Sweetie 10 wm.jpeg


“She makes pottery”

In Sweety’s studio.




Sweetie 4 wm.jpeg








Sweetie 18 wm.jpeg


Bronze sculpture of Sweety’s mother.

One of Alton’s pieces in the background and Sweety’s ceramics.


Copy of Sweetie 8 wm.jpeg



Sweety’s hand, her mothers foot.Very heart warming…



Sweetie 7 wm.jpeg

Sweetie 13 wm.jpeg




The clay stage of a bronze sculpture.  This is huge!  It may be finished by now.





Sweetie 15 wm



The side view.  This idea has been floating around in Sweety’s head for years.






Sweetie 9 wm.jpeg








Inside Sweety’s studio.  How did they get here?

Sweetie 2 wm.jpeg



Big outdoor kiln.








 Sweetie 3 wm.jpeg








Sweetie 14 wm.jpeg


A desk by Alton.  All the Texas birds and flowers are inlaid wood.  Very pretty.



Sweetie 12 wm.jpeg



Notice the hand turned legs.





Sweetie 16 wm.jpeg



Alton restores very interesting pieces.  This happened to be in his studio when we visited, Lady Bird Johnson’s high chair.





Sweetie 11 wm.jpeg



Alton’s studio.





That’s all for now.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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