Monday, January 4, 2010

Long time, no post…

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to.  Mostly the usual and slightly some nonsense.  And how much nonsense can ensue on one Christmas break?  Apparently, quit a bit.  Here, all wrapped up in a Fed Ex sized package is a sampling:

twas 2 .jpeg

twas 3.jpeg

twas 4.jpeg   twas 5 jpeg twas 6.jpeg twas 7 .jpeg twas 8.jpeg twas 9.jpeg twas 10.jpeg twas 11.jpeg twas 12.jpeg twas 14.jpeg twas 15 .jpeg twas 16.jpeg

twas 17.jpeg

twas 18.jpegtwas 19.jpeg

twas 20.jpeg

twas 21 .jpeg twas 22a.jpegTo be continued… 

Wow, okay, I’m still here!  Lots of editing.  I’m tired and now I’m hungry.  It was looking at all those baked goods… some Stouffers mac-n-cheese would be nice, but I don’t have any of that…  not in the mood for an orange or cheese… good grief…  no more Merry Cherry Fudge…   I’ll just go to bed.  Good night!

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