Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Field Trip Part II

Jimmy 4 wm.jpeg

Tra, la, la.   Flying or floating into Dallas…

g 13 wm.jpeg So, this is why you have to go hungry if you’re going to Fm 1410 B(see previous blog).  Jimmy’s is on the same corner and they have the best sandwiches! And just like the sign says, they have all kinds of imported goodies: fresh meats, sausage, pasta and entree’s to take home.  But if you can’t wait till you get home- order a sandwich.  Jimmy’s was voted “Readers Choice”, Best Sandwich in D Magazine this month.  Our favorites?  We love the Jimmy sandwich with spicy sausage and peppers.  They have a great Muffaletta and a lovely Prosciutto Panino too.  The latter is served with thick slices of fresh mozzarella, thin slices of prosciutto, basil and sliced tomato.  Both of these sandwiches are huge and a small can easily serve 2 people.  All the sandwiches are served on wonderful bakery bread and not some kind of Wonder Bread fluff.  Grab a bag of chips and select a drink from their vast selection of sodas and vino.  You can then sit outside or at tables at the entrance of the store.  Or, our favorite place is in back.  Way back.  Pass the restrooms, back.  It’s kind of a secret and you’ll probably feel conspicuous the first time, basically, walking through the kitchen and into the back to a “secret” room.  There are tables, paper plates, napkins and plastic ware for your convenience.  Bring your laptop or your friends as this is the Starbucks of the sandwich world. 

Jimmy 6 wm.jpeg



Here’s Lovey enjoying the nice weather last spring.  The view is “interesting”. (this is downtown Dallas, mind you)  But this is forgivable for the “we’re not in Texas anymore” experience and the food.



You can pick up some great imported foods like these crackers.  These little cracker Diva’s are a favorite and fly off the shelves and are out of stock till Mike can get them in again.  Apparently they come from some far away place, New York or Italy, and people buy them by the box.  Curse them when they don’t leave any for us!Jimmy 1 wm.jpegYou know what they are?  Really, they’re just  saltines with olive “flakes” on them.  Sounds simple enough but they’re so tasty.  And inside the above package are individual packs so you can pop them into your purse or backpack for a “little taste of Italy”  anytime.   I think I’ll christen them the 2010 version of “Calgon, take me away!”.

Jimmy’s Food Store is located at 4901 Bryan at Fitzhugh in Dallas.

Jimmy 7 wm.jpegPhoto of a pretty door in Dallas.

Shouldn’t you be gone already?!

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