Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a little ramble

So, I assumed today would be another beautiful day.  I dressed the youngest in shorts.  So fun!  Yesterday was beautiful.  It was not so hard to believe that today would be too. But we live in Texas and you know what they say… “If you don’t like the weather then wait five minutes.”  Hmmmmm. 

That’s really not good enough.  Should have been warned that it was a “Rainy with a chance of hail” kind of day. 

Poor Beau Hiney, you remember him…  (Here is a photo of him apparently rethinking his life which he doesn’t do enough of.)

october 2009 073

Beau Hiney was out there when I heard the first “plop plop”, and not “pitter patter”, of the “big enough to be weighed on my kitchen scale” raindrops.  Which for no good reason then turned into hail.   On life’s Probability-O-Meter I’m guessing today was probably supposed to be a beautiful day. 

So back to Beau Hiney…  I heard his pitiful caterwaul and looked out the back door to see him cowering under a chair.  

March 025And that was unfortunate, as it was a hole-y chair.  He’s not so bright, that one.  Bless his heart.


Looking through my backlog of pictures I ran across lots of pretty flowers from last summer.

Friday 012 Which made me want to start planting new things for spring.  Because it is spring, right? 

I bought these this weekend…

March 004 See the little bee?  I tried to get a better pic of him but there’s a reason they call them “busy bees”. 

And also looking through those pictures I was reminded of why things really don’t get done, proceed, stay on a dependable schedule.  It’s because of things like this…

March 009No, this is not some new way to get picky eaters to eat their dinner.  (Notice the nose plug)  This is my last and final 3rd grade Science Fair project investigating whether an individual can recognize the food they are eating while blindfolded and nose plugged.  All of that of course written in “3rd grader speak” because we all know she’s really the one doing the project.  Side note:  “Lovey, have you finished graphing and typing the youngest chilies' Science Fair project yet?  Make it snappy, we’re on a deadline.”

Which brings me full circle to what I’m really trying to accomplish here.  I want to tell you that I am on a somewhat, kind of, schedule-y type of thing.  (Calculate my actual working time, then add a year!)  I’m trying to open my Etsy shop and share with the whole, wide world all the wonderful little things I find on my wanderings. 

Wonderful little things like this hand painted bamboo purse…

feb 021But sigh…  now I have to go and do that other job that people seem to be expecting me to do.

Happy “Rainy with a chance of hail” day.

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