Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun in a box

Fun, fun,fun!  Don’t you just love boxes on the doorstep? 

I was skipping around on the internet and saw something too cute. 

It was OUT OF STOCK!  Ugh.

I ordered it anyway.  Backordered actually.  In the era of instant gratification, backordered is a naughty word.

So I waited.

And then, it came!

A rather big, and plain, brown box. 

mail 3 wm.jpeg

Open, open, open!

Surprise!  A small, beautiful, red box!

Mail 2 wm.jpeg

Filled with the cutest set of nesting Babushka measuring cups you’ve ever seen!  Will my cookies and muffins taste better because of them?  We’ll see.

mail 4 wm.jpeg

Do you want some too?  You can see them here and here

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