Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before and After

caterpillar 7 wm.jpeg

That is a big thought.

I wasn’t thinking of this today when I threw away a fuzzy caterpillar.  Not “away” away.  Just into the compost bin “away”. 

He was eating the lettuce in my garden.  The lettuce that I haven’t cared to eat.  The lettuce that has grown the size of Jack’s beanstalk.

caterpillar 8 wm

Then I read this little thought and had guilt.  Beanstalk size GUILT.  Butterfly guilt!  Who would ever throw away a butterfly?

I had to go and rescue the “butterfly” from the compost bin.  The compost bin is an interesting place.  Lots of live crawly things, and smelly things and composty things.  And me searching, searching for a potential butterfly. 

Luckily, we found each other.  He was rescued… and so was I. 

caterpillar 1 wm.jpeg

Because “butterfly guilt” is a serious, serious thing.  To almost be something, and then not be, for any number of reasons is serious indeed.  To miss your  potential, your butterfly life, is very serious business.

Then D.R. brought this home from school…

caterpillar 2 wm.jpeg“Before and After.”  Doesn’t that just sum up a caterpillar’s life?  

I’m trying hard to focus on my “butterfly life”.  Time to move on from the caterpillar-ness and be my “before and after”.

What about you?

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  1. Kassie just taught me how to leave a comment. This is quite funny! I love your blogs. Kassie was telling me the other day you needed to write more. So I wonder what type of butterfly your litte catapillar would be?

  2. Bill is actually Gwyn, I just had to use his account.