Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things that happened in June

A couple of messages asking me where I’ve been (Thank you friends!)and why there’ve been no recent updates have prompted me to put together a random photo collage of June happenings.

In no particular order or relevance here is what June looked like:

Found some glowing mushrooms and planted them in the garden.  Love this.

June 14 wm.jpeg Watched a sunset or two.

June 5wm.jpeg

Was very successful growing Patty Pan’s that I didn’t even plant and don’t want to eat.  Hoping they’re like zucchini which you can make yummy bread out of and which I do like to eat.

June 2 wm.jpeg

Took a photo of this butterfly just for you.  I really did.

June 11 wm.jpeg

Bleached number 2 son’s hair because he let me.  It was a little orangey so we called him Dragon Ball Z, or DZ for short, till I got hold of more bleach to bleach it again.  Scary.  He didn’t mind.

June 10 wm.jpegPut these dried sunflowers outside and they looked so pretty there I decided you needed to see them too.  Pretty little dead things.

June 12 wm.jpeg Went to several outdoor concerts.  This is Sara Hickman rockin’ out with Mr. Skinny Red Pants.  Did you know that she succeeded Willie Nelson as the Official State Musician of Texas this year?  Why, yes she did and is.  She’s a neat person too that does a lot for children and women.

June 6 wm.jpeg She will make you laugh.  Especially when she takes off her hair mid concert.  She had us believing that her “I Dream of Jeannie” ponytail was real.  You’ll just have to see her for yourself.

June7 wm.jpeg She gave us hugs and told us funny stories.  We love summer concerts and Sara Hickman.

June8wm.jpeg Did lots of “picking” and “finding” of goodies.  At one garage sale I found 3 things I adore:  a pretty floral English tin to add to my collection… and inside… vintage Birthday candle picks!  Just look at them.  Why do I love them?  I don’t know (said in a high, squeaky voice)!  And look at that Anthropologie towel with little crocheted black and white chickens!  It still had it’s $18 price tag.  Fifty cents, people.


Came home one night to cupcake shaped Rice Krispie treats (with sprinkles, we luv sprinkles) made from limited edition Cupcake Rice Krispies.  Double whammy.

June 15 wm.jpeg Saw this growing and knew it had to be shared.

June 13 wm.jpeg And last, last, last, the very last thing I did in June was eat some Banana Pudding that I think has the potential to change the world or at least bring happiness to a big chunk of it.  I will have to get you the recipe.  Not now though.  This is just a back-blog.

June 1wm.jpeg

Mmmmm.   Banana Pudding.

Promise to write again this week as I have just completed an interesting project.

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  1. I just love your blogs and the pictures are good enough to eat. I do hope you win that contest and if we are allowed to vote, please send us the link.