Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Antique Alley Success?

Just want to say, right out of the gate, (if you get the opportunity) Antique Alley is where you want to be!  Stuff aplenty and at great prices.  There was so much fun for the getting that I forgot to take pic’s until we were way down the road.  Sheesh. 

AA 5.jpeg

Driving the packed road,  our peepers peeled for the best stops. 

The parking and driving is a little sketchy.  For the record, I wouldn’t hold any fevered hunter responsible for another hunter that lacks the ability to step out of their parked car gingerly. 

AA 3.jpeg

Travel? Texan?  Show it!

AA 2.jpeg

Sometimes I forget what my words need to be to the teen chilies that live with me.  Subtle reminder…

AA 4 .jpeg

Clean restrooms AND free water!  That’s what they call a conflict of interest.

AA 7

A little, fried, Mennonite pie luv!

AA 8.jpeg


AA 6.jpeg

Nice shop at the end of the trail.

What did I get?  There should be pic’s, right? 

One word.  “Alas!” 

People, friends, I’m doing the best I can and I just haven’t gotten around to those yet.

I’ve got other things to share. Bigger things.  Better things.  Perhaps even fantastical. 

I’m committing to tomorrow.

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