Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Howdy to the Morning, Arrgh!

There are many ways to wake up in the morning that are a lot more pleasant than what I’m going to lay out here.  You know how you’ll be dreaming and far, far away you hear this awful screeching, pounding, beep beeping that you reluctantly, hazily admit is your hideous alarm clock?  That screeching into the universe would have been kissed and welcomed with blueberry muffins this morning. 

It really makes you appreciate what only yesterday you despised.

I’ll start with this picture as self therapy.  When I think of what transpired this morning I will, I Will, I WILL, replace it with this picture!

Monster cupcake 2 wm .jpeg See, this is Little  Gnome Be Gone Monster Guy here to bring  a cupcake, a  flower and a “Howdy to the Morning, Arrgh!”

What is in his mouth is delightful and yummy and most importantly, appreciated.  What came out of the youngest chillies mouth at 4:45 this morning was not.  We’ll just leave it at that.

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