Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mushrooms and Gnomes

The Mushrooms, at last, are done!!!  I can’t wait to share them with you.

I waited till dusk, last night, to get a good picture of the mushrooms and hoped the gnomes would show up.  Lucky you!  They did!  (The one on the left has posed himself on a ladder hoping to appear a little taller for the she-gnome that is farther off to the left and out of the picture.) 

mushrooms gnomes 4 wm.jpeg

I’m happy with how they turned out.   


Look at these outfits!  I need two someone's to wear these and pose beside my mushrooms.  Both the girlz said they’re glad they’re not little enough for this nonsense anymore.







If only…








Want to see how the mushrooms grew?

mushrooms 7 wm.jpeg




First, there was the idea.




mushrooms 11 wm.jpeg


Went digging to find my steel bowls I retired from the kitchen.  Found the Italian (Aren’t we fancy?) pots at the Nursery.



mushrooms 6 wm.jpeg

Lovey made holes in the bowls.  Also, went to my local Feed Store and got steel nuts, bolts and washers.  Do you know they sell fresh eggs there? 



mushrooms 10 wm.jpeg



Primed everything with Kilz to help the paint adhere.




mushrooms 9 wm

When the primer was dry, I used 2” painters tape to make spots and to mask where I would later paint cream spots.  Two strips of tape put together make big spots. 



mushrooms 8 wm.jpeg

Painted on about 6 coats of Red Patio paint.  (Getting a wee bit impatient with my “Quick DIY project”.) Also painted the cream Patio Paint on the bases.



mushroom 1 wm.jpeg 

With the tape still on, I added shading (black Patio Paint) under the spots and on the rim.  Also added some striping to the bases with a fan brush.  Later, I would wonder why I added shading under the spots. ???  The spots needed shading on them.  But, I decided to just let it go and quit being so persnickety.  Like water off a ducks back.



mushrooms 2 wm.jpeg


Some red paint snuck under the blue tape.  It was okay though.  The cream paint covered it up.




mushrooms 3 wm.jpeg

Painted the spots cream.  The mushrooms looked static to me...  This is when I realized I would need to shade the spots. I also used an old brush and popsicle stick to spatter on brown paint. 


mushrooms 4 wm.jpeg

Also added turquoise spots to mess it up just a bit more.  Sprayed on 3 coats of outdoor Urethane.  Now, the mush- rooms are ready to be put together with the bolts.  Had to paint the bolts.  Ugh!!!

.mushrooms 5 wm.jpeg


Viola!  Little gnome mushrooms that make me happy!





Got cheeky gnomes? 

Here’s your answer:

large_28_gbg-gnome12495557454a7ab5217bb0c Definitely on my Christmas list!

For more gnome fun, go to: and play GNOME-BE-GONE THE GAME. 

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