Thursday, February 11, 2010


So, what did you do today?

I took some photos.  See?

Zach flagpole wm.jpeg

Don’t you worry about this kid.  He’s a teenager and this is karma, dude.  He’s got his IPod so he’s good for awhile… 

Oh my, but that’s funny.  

birdhouse in snow wm.jpeg

Pretty pictures taken in the snow…

ruler in snow wm.jpeg

That’s a lot of snow! 

clubhouse in snowwm.jpeg This is DR’s clubhouse.  She decorates it with hope, happy thoughts and pretty little things!   It’s been told that if you find your way through the “twinkling charms” and ride the slide to the bottom you’re certain to have one wish come true.

Somedays I ride that slide two or three times…

swing in snow wm.jpeg Snow still falling…

Momma on snowday 2 wm.jpeg

A penny for a kitty thought.

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