Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

No, really!


Problem solved by the fountain!

And where are these 2?  At the Farmers Market of course!  We luv the Saturday morning Farmers Market and usually make it out there to eat breakfast each week.  My favorite?  I have several.  The bar-b-q’ed chicken (they were missing this weekend) and a fresh butter croissant brought home to eat with home grown tomatoes.   A rich, chocolate croissant with a cup of coffee.  And last, a new favorite…


Wood fired breakfast pizza.  Made with sausage, bacon, onion, egg and cheese.  Made fresh in just a few minutes too.  Yum-o!

And look what else you can find here:


Artisan breads and pastries, beautiful baked goods, Cajun pralines,


Wine and honey,


Luffa’s fashioned into cat toys, tamales,


Longhorn luffa horns on my breakfast buddy,


And of course Texas grown vegetables! 

On these mornings my youngest says we eat like Kings! 

Been to the Farmers Market lately?

Sites for the goodies listed above:,,,,

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