Thursday, July 5, 2012

Houston on the 4th

Sparkler fun!

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Traveled to Houston for Lovey’s mothers 80th Birthday and 4th of July fun.  What do you give at such a monumental Birthday? How about something she already has but with a little facelift.  Angie the Angel that is, not my mother in law!


Angie has been in the family a looooong time.  Dating back to Lovey’s parents 1st Christmas together.  Over the years she had become a little tired and worn.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a “before” photo to show you.  Angie is surrounded by “rays” made of spun glass.  I can see why they don’t make ornaments of this stuff anymore.  Itchy, itchy, itchy.

My goal was to stay true to the vintage look, give her an unnoticeable facelift and strengthen this fragile piece.  I used vintage lace (lightly tea stained) behind the spun glass to fill in where some of the rays were missing.  I found a similar style angel in an old calendar I had and reduced and printed it at a local print shop onto card stock for strength.  The wings, while worn, were just too pretty to replace so I just strengthened them with cardstock behind the originals.  The gold bow on the “cloud” was a piece from my vintage ornament stash.  There was glue at this spot so I assumed the original detail was lost long ago.  I also kept the original star but strengthened it with a gold star made from a vintage gold doily that extends just a little past the original.  Not shown, is the pretty and sturdy gift box I found to keep her safe for many more Christmas’ to come. 

My mother in law was touched and very happy with this “re-gifting”.  Maybe this will give you an idea for a future gift for someone special.

Also had to go thrifting while in Houston.


The Guild Shop was awesome.  Packed full of goodies big and small.  I will say that the prices were more like what you would find at an antique store than a thirft store.  Great place though if you need to fill a spot in the house.

While in Houston (Montrose area), we took advantage of the good food options and popped into Niko Niko's. Pure gold!

And look at this sweet baby.


Meet Toby, baby kitty.  She hails from the local animal shelter and agreed to come home with my sister in law.  She’s a little rascal and tuckered out from chasing the laser and basically being a little spaz.

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