Thursday, August 6, 2009

DIY Project Hint

Here’s the hint (for the August 5th post):

mushroom paper wm.jpeg

The background paper is by PaPaYa!.  The tape roll has little mushrooms on it.  On the inside of the roll it reads:  “For many use!  It’s up to your idea!”.  So funny!  The red mushroom is a pencil sharpener and eraser that I purchased at the Scholastic book fair at DR’s elementary school.  One for me and one for her.  I’m so glad I did.

…and one more hint just because they seem to be popping up everywhere…

mushroom wm.jpeg

After the rain last week, we’ve had a lot of mushrooms in the yard.  The eldest son was so sweet about this one.  Before he mowed the lawn he asked if I wanted to get a picture.  How did he know?

Did you figure it out?   Mushrooms have been following me home lately.  I’m not going to use all these “ingredients” in the project, they were just my inspiration.

mushroom hint wm.jpeg

See? I’m sure it all makes perfect sense now. 


If You See A Faery Ring
- William Shakespeare

If you see a faery ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tip-toe as you pass,
Last night faeries frolicked there
And they're sleeping somewhere near.
If you see a tiny faery,
Lying fast asleep
Shut your eyes
And run away,
Do not stay to peek!
Do not tell
Or you'll break a faery spell.

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